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4.5ft or 4ft SQUARE POOL TABLE

square poo tablel logo

A unique solution to optimise available room space

4.5ft oak square pool table with black cloth

Competition standard 4.5ft square pool table

Plays as 9ft table. Featured in solid oak

table frame for 4.5ft square pool

Table subframe for 4.5ft pool table

4.5ft square pool table with slate fitted

Fitting slate to 4.5ft square pool table

4.5ft square pool dining table

Optional dining top and benches

side image of 4.5ft square pool table

English or American pool (plays the equivalent of a 9ft size table)

oak stools for 4.5ft square pool table

Optional bespoke benches in solid oak


A 4ft square oak table seats up to 8

Indoor or outdoor option

4ft square pool dining table seats 8

And plays the equivalent of a 7ft pool table

4.5ft square pool table with balls set in position

Any colour combination choice


4ft square pool table with alternative leg positioning

Alternative leg positioning (in the diagonal of the square)


A 4.5ft or 4ft square pool table has four pockets as shown above, have end-dimensions equivalent to a 9ft or 8ft table. Any size-dimension can be engineered. Tables comply with UK pool settings. Option for snooker or American pool


diner tops + stools + convivial + intimate

frame perfectly squared + bolted fixings

4 x precision pockets

Machined square slates or composition beds

Square pool diner tables work well with matching stools.
  A square table offers a functional dining or meeting space.

Pool diner tables are made solely on a bespoke basis.

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