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We feature a classic style of pool table referred to as a kitchen style table on 2 separate pages. The first for a Pool Kitchen Set (in pine) and the second for an Oak and Pine pool table. The process for making these styles of tables are essentially the same. We can also make the same style in solid oak. Below we show images of the sequence of table manufacture for such an oak table. They serve to illustrate, not only the integral parts, but the method we use to ensure the rigidity of a flat playing surface. Although we can fit a slate bed as an option, for many kitchen sets there is a need for occasional manoeuvrability. In which case we fit a machined kitchen grade 25mm resin based MDF bed. The images are of a standard 5ft pool table, although any size could be created.


main parts for 5ft oak pool table

Pool table components cut to size


sub-frame for 5ft oak pool table

Base of pool table assembly.
 Solid oak legs and oak veneer frame.


underpinning of play surface for 5ft oak pool table

Bearer supports fitted for pool table play bed 


shaped play bed for 5ft pool table

25mm MDF bed cut to pool table standards


top frame fitted to 5ft pool table

Oak pool table top-frame squared and fitted


5ft pool table finished and fitted with retractable nets

Table polished. Cloth, cushions and pockets fitted


end image of 5ft pool dining table

Veneered oak diner top measured and edged


5ft pool table with wood veneered top

Final polishing of  oak pool table




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