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Styles with various pool ball capture methods

We make 7ft size pool dining tables in most of many design examples featured within this website. We use this page to present specific images of actual 7ft pool tables (all of which can also be made in other sizes). Most 7ft pool tables are made with slate bed as standard although lighter machined play beds can be fitted if manoeuvrability is required.

In particular, we present these table styles as examples to demonstrate and to distinguish between the various types of pool ball capture methods and which is an important consideration for pool dining tables and the consequence on the flow of play and the seating space.


7ft oak snooker dining table with red cloth

Narrow Leg Side Drawer

Balls collected in drawers on either side of the table. A registered design by Philippe Fitan evolved from the no-pockets game of Carom. Many styles have been created including the farmhouse style shown here with 4 inch slim legs


   7ft pub pool table in modern finish

Pub Style Pool

The style of pool table most are familiar with. Collected in a return cavity at one table end. Designed this way to allow for a coin operated feature. Not appropriate as a diner table although a top can be fitted for table tennis or for buffet serving. Ideal for an outhouse or garage


7ft pool table in white-painted pine with a blue cloth

Narrow base kitchen

A style designed for the kitchen. The play area is set outside the supporting table base. The Balls are collected in retractable bag nets only visible when in pool game play.


7ft beech table with white base

Narrow base

Similar to the kitchen style but instead of bagnets the balls collected in a shallow tray. Aesthetically more appealing but the number of retained balls are restricted. 


Selection of cloth colours in napped or speed cloth

cloth colours for 7ft pool tables



Option to vary dimensions Options to vary height

Competition pockets Competition cushions

Competition cloth 2 inch pool or snooker balls

Resin bonded 25mm play surface

Option of slate bed

Option of diner top Can be adapted for outside use


Bespoke tables allow for any choice of wood or paint-colour finish (to agreed samples), any cloth colour (to agreed samples) and any required variations in table dimensions.  Permits pocket and cushion variations for UK pool, American pool or Snooker. We can provide ball sets for any game. Cues in any size from 36 inches upwards. Personal us-to-you delivery and professional installation (charged at mileage cost)


Standard Table Sizes in Inches
Competition table height normally set at 31inches (variable)

Any variations on table dimensions are also offered

diagram of pool table dimensions

7ft 6ft
Bed dimensions 75 x 39 66 x 35.5
Cueing dimensions 72 x 34 63 x 32.5
Dining dimensions 79 x 41  72 x 41.5

We show examples of distinct styles. They are not stock items. Each table is made bespoke to individual needs. Enquiries begin with email conversations.

Please though first refer to our current Covid Notice

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