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Creating a unique pool table for your limited space.

Tables can be adapted to any size from 4.5ft to 8ft.

Choosing the right pool diner for you

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Pool Table Size

Slate bed or wood bed

Drop pockets or retractable nets

Wide or narrow base

Slimline pool dining tables

Metal or wood legs

Choosing a pool dining table 

Pool table size

Please note that for UK competition-pool the terms 6ft and 7ft refer to the approximate dimensions of the outer table carcass and not the play bed. Whereas for an undersize 5ft and 4.5ft version, we equate to the precise dimensions of the machined play bed (slate or 25mm MDF). This can cause confusion in that, for example, a 5ft table is only 6 inches less than a 6ft table. This inch difference can be critical when planning your space availability.  

Standard Pool Dining Table Sizes in Inches



5ft 6ft 7ft
Bed dimensions

54 x 27

60 x 30 66 x 35.5 75 x 39
Cueing dimensions

51 x 24

57 x 27 63 x 32.5 72 x 36
Dining dimensions

60 x 33

66 x 36 72 x 41.5 81 x 45

Slate bed or wood bed

If you have the space to accommodate a larger pool dining table (7ft or 8ft) most of the advertised pool dining tables will be slate bed tables. Slate will literally last forever.

If it is Italian quarried slate, it will be perfectly machined to the various standards that satisfy those nationally agreed by the billiards governing bodies. BAPTO (British Association of Pool Table Operators) regulates competition standards for pub-type pool.

Snooker and American pool have their own governing bodies, where standards focus on full size tables (12ft for snooker or 9ft for American pool) although standards can be arbitrarily and proportionately reduced to fit a pool dining table.

Wood bed (or composition MDF) tables provide an alternative for pool dining tables. They are normally associated with smaller low price tables. In recent years there has been a flooding of the global market by far east manufacturers. By using much lighter materials they able are to mass produce, package and distribute tables with a supply chain essentially direct from factory to consumer (via national agents). If your objective is simply to play a fun family game on a functional pool dining table, such imported tables represent excellent value.

However, if you want a competition high-furniture quality table, but also you need occasional manoeuvrability with your pool dining table with, you should consider a bespoke wood-MDF bed. This requires using high grade kitchen quality resin-based MDF, which is individually machined to the same standard as slate.

You need to bear in mind moving and repositioning a slate bed table require considerable care, ideally by a professional. 

If you have space restrictions and are limited to a 5ft pool dining table (or even smaller) a bespoke wood-MDF bed will play with the same accuracy as slate.

All our English pool tables have machined pocket openings complying with agreed competition standards, whether slate or one inch thick MDF. For slates 5ft and under, we have to outsource the cutting-down of a standard 6ft slate. This is an expensive process and adds considerably to the final cost of the table. We do not recommend this. But if a reduced slate is seen as essential to you, we will happily quote for this option. We make billiard tables to match any game discipline and ball size. 

billiard ball size chart


Drop pockets or retractable nets

Drop (or bucket) pockets are normally employed on pool dining tables where the intention is to disguise a traditional billiards function in favour of conveying a prime "dining" atmosphere. This requires requires a furniture "skirt" surrounding the cushions and pockets which conceals the ball capture. The varying depth of the skirt (and bucket drop) will affect the number of balls that can be captured and will also affect leg room when in dining mode. If your preference is for a slim dining appearance, then a skirt is not employed. When the pool dining table is in play mode, retractable nets fall down, and are tucked away when dining.

Wide or narrow base

Most traditional pool dining tables are supported by a table frame, consisting of 4 legs. The sub frame will be set inside the cushions and play area. Again this allows the ball capture to be external to the frame, offering various options. This we refer to as a "narrow base table". Although this maximises table rigidity, it may restrict the leg room in proportion to the upper dining dimensions. The legs would ordinarily be made of solid wood.A more modern variant is a "wide base table". Here the legs are set at the extreme corners of the upper table frame. The balls are collected either in a bucket or shallow tray inside the top of the legs. This means the legs have to be glued, joined and boxed to create the aperture. 

Slimline Pool Dining Tables

A typical "slimline" table will employ slim table legs (4inch or less) which will be solid (not boxed). As with a narrow base table the top frame can be set outside the legs, and is best suited to retractable nets if you wish to preserve a slim top-frame. If you prefer a wide base base style the ball capture has to set inside the legs. This requires the balls to be captured inside the outer sub-frame by within a shallow tray. A slim line wide base table maximises seating space

Metal or Wood legs

For those seeking a more modern look, particularly if the aim is to maximise seating and leg room we are able to provide the option of fabricated steel legs. These come in various style patterns and colours, as an alternative effective support for a pool dining table. These are set to achieve a playing height of 31ins giving a seated dining height of 32 ins. We can arrange for these set height patterns to be varied if preferred, except it will add appreciably to cost.

Choosing a Pool Dining Table

Please note the images presented on all the pages on this website are of pool dining tables that can be adapted to your individual preferences and and made in any size or style from 4ft to 8ft.

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5ft pool dining tables

A wide selection of 5ft pool table designs that can be adapted to 4.5ft or 6ft table models.



Blue Pine Pool Table

Chunky Pine

Chunky Pine Turned Legs

Industrial Metal Legs


Metal Cross Legs

Narrow Leg Side Channel

Oak With Pine

Pine Wide Base Kitchen

Pine with Hairpin Legs


Square Pool Table

Metal chunky Pine

Square Pool Table Oak

White Cross Legs


White Pool Diner


White Pool Table Bucket Pockets

Wide Base

Work in progress

More Pool Dining Tables

Special Edition Pool Table

7ft and 8ft Pool Dining Tables

Larger table styles that can be adapted to any size


7ft pool dining tables

8ft Slimline

8ft Oak Bucket Pockets

8ft Oak Pine Combination Bucket

8ft Oak Pine Slimline

8ft Steel-1

8ft Steel Slimline

All 8ft pool dining tables

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