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New design for 5ft & 4.5ft pool diners

5ft pool dining table with cross legs

5ft oak and steel pool table


end section of 5ft pool table

5ft play bed (means 5.5ft x 3ft table)


5ft pool table seats up to 8

5ft pool  table will seat up to 8 

front of 8 seater pool table

Cross-leg design allows optimun seating

5ft pool table setting for 6

........and perfect seating for 6

    Bespoke pool diner top

bespoke dining top to match your kitchen decor


Pool table with blank table tennis top

Optional table tennis top

rosewood reverse table tennis top

Rosewood reverse top for table tennis

Table tennis top with bats and nets

Table tennis top fits a 5ft pool table



See similar designs at WHITE CROSS LEGS page



Shows table style being made for a 4.5ft size table

 Fitting criss-cross-legs

Design being adapted for 4.5ft pine table
with retractable bag nets


layout of criss-cross-legs
shows precise positioning to spread load


samplle layout of 4.5ft pool table
4.5ft special edition pool table in solid pine

4.5ft pool table featured outdoors

Can be adapted for outdoor patios


4.5ft pool dining table to take 6 chairs

 4.5ft pool table seats 6 with comfort



Table Only

4.5 ft 5ft

25mm Resin bed

2350  2500

Slate bed


Prices are for painted or natural pine

Add 250 for solid oak
Optional diner tops from 450

These are bespoke prices and allow for any choice of paint-colour finish (to agreed samples), any cloth colour (to agreed samples) and any required variations in table dimensions. Prices also permit pocket and cushion variations for practice with UK pool, American pool or Snooker. We include ball sets for any game, cues in any size from 36 inches upwards. Personal us-to-you delivery and professional installation (charged at time mileage cost)


Standard Table Sizes in Inches

Competition table height normally set to play at 31inches.
  4.5ft  5ft
Bed dimensions 54 x 27 60 x 30
Cueing dimensions 51 x 24 57 x 27
Dining dimensions 60 x 33 66 x 36

We can vary dimensions to fit your space



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