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Pool table styles made to order in sizes 5ft to 8ft

white pool table in a kitchen


5ft, 6ft, or 7ft kitchen pool table model with variable heights

5ft pool dining table


4.5ft and 5ft table with splayed steel legs. Seats up to 8

8ft pool table as a boardroom meeting tablle


Seat 10 with precision. For boardrooms or social dining

4ft square pool table with alternative leg positioning


4ft, 4.5ft square bed machined from a regulation size

oak and steel 5ft pool table angle shot


5ft or 6ft steel legs with solid oak top frames

5ft pool table with white cross legs and brown cloth


5ft, 6ft Steel legswith painted beech top frame

5ft pool table in dark oak


 Competition slate bed 5ft pool or snooker table

5ft pool dining set in painted pine


5ft, 6ft, 7ft pine kitchen-set as a pool diner

4.5ft pool table in oak


4.5ft pool table with slate bed option


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● Pool tables made to order according to your own specifications and instructions.
● All aspects of manufacture by a collaboration UK small business billiard specialists.
● Slate bed pool tables in 4.5ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft table sizes. Plus machined square or other irregular slates.
● Choice of all ball capture systems. Nets, drop trays, deep buckets and other novel options.
● Slate bed pool tables in 4.5ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft table sizes.
● Option of machined 25mm kitchen grade MDF play beds if table manoeuvrability is required.
● Option of English or American pool size slates and snooker size slates
● Pine, oak, mahogany, ash, beech, or walnut woods.
● Unlimited options on colour or type of finish.
● Choice of matching or contrasting furniture diner tops. Veneered or solid wood.
● Pockets and cushions set precisely according to your preferred game and ball size.
● Napped or speed cloth cloth in all colours

The Name Matchbilliards derives from "Match" means we make tables that comply with match competition standards, but it also means we can "Match" any table to suit your own decor.

Second, the term "Billiards" means we make tables that are bespoke to any of the main billiard disciples: English pool, Snooker or American pool. We can also make tables for Bar Billiards, Russian billiards (pyramid) or Carom billiards.

Sizes of Pool Dining Tables

The most popular family pool dining table sizes are 5ft, 6ft and 7ft which will normally comply with English competition (pub-style) play characteristics, using a 2 inch pool ball. This size of ball can also be supplied to play 10-reds snooker offering a wider choice of game. 8ft tables can be made to satisfy the separate competition standards of the 3 disciplines of English pool, American pool or Snooker. 8ft tables (and larger) are also ideal for use in the boardroom. When creating a pool dining table of any size we take into the consideration your preferred seating requirements, particularly on the optional table height and on the width and positioning of the table legs.

Choice of Wood

We normally make pool dining tables in solid oak, solid beech or solid natural pine. We also combine solid painted pine, to create an unlimited number of contrasting wood combinations. We also accept commissions in a range of exotic woods, such as walnut. We also offer our unique range of pool dining tables with industrial style metal legs.

Finishing and colour matching

The current most popular pool table finish is painted pine. We normally co-ordinate with the Farrow and Ball colour palettes, although we can match to the EU standard of RAL colour codes. Both pine, beech and oak can be finished as natural wood and in a wide range of proprietary stains. We also offer the option of self-finishing.

Square pool dining tables

Whilst square pool dining tables will normally conform to standard dimensions for a 4.5ft (i.e. a 4.5ft square table equates to the width of a conventional 9ft table), we are able to create original dimensions down to 3ft square (which equates to the width of a pub size table). These are precision pool dining tables, perfect for serious practice, and which may better suit your available dimensional space.

Ball capture for pool dining tables

We offer a range of ball-capture systems, although the most popular are the retractable bag-nets, which can be sized to capture 6-8 balls per pocket (when the table is dining mode the nets are tucked, unseen, under the table play surface). The second most popular is the drop-pocket system where the balls are collected in concealed pockets that are set inside the corner legs (normally collects 4-6 balls). The third most popular is the bucket pocket where the balls normally drop into the hollow of a wider leg. Finally, for old-style enthusiasts we also offer a traditional ball-rail collection.

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Our kitchen-size 5ft, pool tables comply with UK pool competition standards and play a full size 2-inch (pub-size) ball. These made-to-order 5ft pool tables are ideal for those wanting to practice, or play a good quality social game. Any style can be created in any colour of finish. Matching pool table dining tops, chairs or benches are available. Can be fitted with finest Italian slate, but with the option of a reinforced one-inch thick resin bonded MDF (best for undersized pool tables, or particularly where table manoeuvrability is required)

A wide choice of luxury pool table cloth colours is offered to coordinate with your own living space. We offer either English napped or American speed cloth.

5ft pool tables have a 60ins x 30ins play bed

We make range of furniture quality 5ft pool tables which is the smallest play area that complies with the established integrity of billiards. Whether it be snooker, English billiards, English pool or American pool. On these we can set pockets, cushion rubbers (type and depth) and a pool table cloth to accommodate any of these disciplines. Although most prefer to play a standard 2-inch English pool ball as used in pubs and national competitions, we can set the table to play the larger 2.25 inch balls for American pool (this would essentially be for those looking for a practice table)

5ft pool tables for a traditional game

In the drawing rooms and dining rooms of Victorian and Edwardian England, undersize "billiard" tables were common. A 5ft table was a popular size and many are still around. Although the game of snooker began to be played later, the most popular game, particularly for the undersized tables, was 3-ball English billiards. The relatively recent popularity of English (pub) pool has now relegated traditional billiards. However, 3-ball English billiards is an ideal secondary game for a smaller table and has all the fun and skill of the modern games.

Customer Enquiries on 5ft pool tables

Most internet enquirers visiting this specialist site will be searching against 5ft pool dining tables (or other undersized tables) and their need to maximise game-utility against their limited available space. This requires an often-complex interchange of information between us and the client. We know from experience that it is best begun with an email conversation. So give us an initial outline on your pool dining table project, and your broad preferences and we will take it from there.

Please consider we offer a totally bespoke service. We do not sell stock items. We would normally require 4-8 weeks to complete a pool dining table project.

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Whichever your preferred size of pool dining table, you must give careful thought to these considerations:

1. Are you familiar with the cueing area required for a pool table and whether to optimise at a competition standard cue, or to compromise with a shorter cue, or an occasional short-cue for tight shots. Have you tested these variations on a room-space simulation?

2. Do you wish to play at pool table competition height (according to your game preference) or compromise at a lower dining height. We would normally set at a dining height of 31 inches (this is variable)

3. Have you determined the seating places required and considered how the design options on a pool dining table can impact on leg space?

4. Are you physically able to lift and replace a pool dining table top and are you aware of the options on sectional tops.


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When researching on a pool dining table you need to consider the method of ball capture (as mentioned above). This affects both the quality of play and the aesthetics of your pool table in a room setting. It may help to offer a brief history and the alternatives that have evolved.

Traditional Method

Traditional ball capture for Pocket Billiards relied on "nets" with a leather encasement, and with brass or other metal bolts affixed to the cushions. As an additional development, ball-rails could  be set below the nets to allow a visible collection of the balls and to allow selected ball retrieval. This was and is undoubtedly the most efficient and precise ball capture system and a requirement for billiards tournament play on larger tables.

Pub Billiards Method

In the 60's there was a rapid interest in coin-operated billiards in pubs and other public places. For this innovation to be viable, the table pockets had to be encased in a belly with an centralised ball collection. Most of us are now are familiar with these tables, either for competition play or for social fun.

American Billiards (Bucket or Drop Pockets)

America is the home of "pool". A distinct style of table has evolved where the balls are collected in a deep bucket pocket, which are all surrounded by by a seamless skirt, resulting in a heavy appearance, and a particularly solid centre-piece of fine furniture.

French Billiards Method

French billiards (or Carom) is a game played without pockets (a game of cannons and "snookers"). Because there are no pockets, table styles have developed based on conventional dining tables. Over the past 20 years, the design inspirations of Carom have been translated into a wide range of pool dining tables, which has sought to best disguise the traditional visual prominence of nets or bulky bucket pockets. Thus, a wide choice of pool dining table designs have been introduced, with tables that retain the essential functionality of pool, but fits less obtrusively in modern family homes, particularly as open kitchen living becomes more popular. A varied selection of such tables are featured on this site.

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Each pool pool project is ordinarily completed by a personal delivery and installation by the table maker working within the cooperative.

We plan all aspects including parking access and room entry, so that we guarantee the finished pool table will fit the pre-planned space. Expert table levelling on site. Table cloth marked out according to game preference.  We charge against time and mileage costs. This will vary according to where the table is made and finished (primarily either in Hull, Bournemouth, or Winchester. We never rely on third party carriers, although if practical we can allow for a self-collection arrangement at no cost.

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Matchbilliards is an informal cooperative to showcase the design skills of 3 small UK traditional billiard companies. Barton Billiards of Hull, Martin Rabbets of Bournemouth, and Mike Large of Reading. Each have over 30 years billiards experience. For a European connection we also work in cooperation with The Snooker Service Company in Germany. Each maintain their own individual websites at:

Martin Rabbets at: https://www.snookerandpoolservices.co.uk

Barton Billiards at: https://www.matchsnooker.co.uk

Mike Large at: http://www.potblack.com

Snooker Services Germany at: https://www.snookerservice.de

All provide individual expert fitting and maintenance services for all types of billiard tables and are familiar with the various specifications set by the each of the billiards tournament standards.

Martin Rabbets, also a master carpenter, has developed his own niche specialism of 5ft pool table manufacture, bespoke to space and design needs.

Barton Billiards are traditional master billiard table makers. From full size snooker tables down to any pool dining table size.

Mike Large is an honorary member of BAPTO the trade organisation responsible for promoting and setting standards for English league pool. He has also designed novel billiard tables, not least the Ariston Pedestal pool table featured on this site.

We are also introducing a range of tables with the option of bespoke fabricated steel metal legs (industrial style). For these we work with Stoaked Ltd of Newton Abbot. We also collaborate with the Oak and Pine Barn of Winchester, makers of bespoke dining tables and general  furniture.

This Matchbilliards website offers a joint administrative support, so that we best cooperate to fulfil your pool table project, whatever your location and whatever your particular preferences.

We do not sell online. Our aim is to open a communication line, primarily be email, so that we best respond to your enquiries following a meticulous stage-sequence that enables you to drive your own desired outcome. The cooperative operates on the core principle of Ex Works.


Matchbilliards operates under the broad principle of Ex Works (EXW) under Incoterms. Put in simple terms for small businesses, it it means that a price quotation is given for the making up and completion of a bespoke pool table so that it is "ready to go". Because we operate as a cooperative spread geographically, and because different styles of pool tables require differing component parts, the location of the finished table can be in any of 4 locations spread around the country. This "ready to go" principle then allows the option for the customer to either arrange self-collection, or for a separate price to be quoted for a personal delivery and installation of the the pool table. That price will be determined by time and distance, and any peculiar nature of the property. All such issues are first resolved to mutual satisfaction before any sale agreement is made.


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First let us know the preferred style and size of table.
For preliminary enquiries email us at:


 It will show as "Message from homepage"span

We will then respond by email.

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Our Policies: Privacy and Cookies

This website promotes bespoke pool tables made by Alan Phillips of Hull in conjunction with Martin Rabbets of Bournemouth. We will present informative product information on 5ft pool dining tables tables, in a non-intrusive  manner, and in a way that conforms to UK statutory regulations.

Our aim is to best facilitate sales information that is peculiar to the complexities associated with a bespoke made-to-order service. We will rely - initially and primarily - on email interactions.

WeWe will not accept payments directly through this website nor will we operate a shopping basket system. Specifically, we will not incorporate customer log-ins, nor will we allow 3rd-party advertising within any of our pages.Therefore we do not anticipate Internet privacy issues concerning financial data or of general intrusion.

Nor is there any wider issue over the use of Cookies. Indeed we do not knowingly place cookies. We will,occasionally, rely on the Google Adwords system to encourage visitors to our site.

We will only collect customer details from these pages in response to customer-originated enquiries emanating from emails.

For this we will observe our obligations under the UK Data Protection Act. We will not release customer information to third parties other than that is necessary in the fulfilment of customer orders. End of policy notice.


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Covid Announcement on pool tables. Updated 02/3/2021

The Matchbilliards website offers ideas and free advice for those planning to purchase a bespoke pool table. This service is still available. We do not sell online.

We observe and comply with all current UK regulations governing the COVID pandemic. We will not and can not enter into binding contractual obligations until and unless there is a reciprocal and specific mutual agreement on full compliance.

We only enter into contractual obligations after a process of customer interaction, and when all parties have agreed on the table style and specifications. After which, ordinarily, completion takes 4 to 8 weeks. For the bespoke manufacture of most popular pool table styles we are currently unaffected by current government restrictions, other than with the unpredictability over the supply chain on materials and parts. Also, the logistics concerning home installations are complex and will vary according to town location and the nature of the property (posted on behalf of the Matchbilliards small business working cooperative).

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